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Product development

FKD helps you translating your product ideas to a technical design. Our designers think of a design and keep the moulding aspects in mind. Within a dedicated project team all demands and wishes concerning the product concept are being set up. Next to digital designing/engineering often the choice is made to create prototypes/ 3d prints. This offers the opportunity to make a quick start with the practical examination of the product concept. After the “GO” the tools are being produced, all controlled and conducted by the same project team
With the use of modern CAD/CAM software and 3D printers we are able to make the design.

Rapid Prototyping

FKD is also specializing in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and low volume plastics molding. Want to verify part design and function before investing in tooling? Need workable units for customers? We can handle these needs with rapid prototyping for both small and large parts.

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